D-Day plus 70 years

I have been affected by this event in so many ways. As all of my family either was in the “service overseas” or at home doing the support. In fact my grandmother worker in the war plant, as the person holding the “rivet bolt” as “Rosie put in the rivet. They didn’t talk about the war or its effects until we reached 20 years of age. Why? Because our age reminded them of that period in life and we were old enough to understand. Publicly, there was not much to do about the War till 30 years afterward. In 1984 Reagan was the first President to go to Normandy and give recognition to those who served. Many of the veterans went back for a 50th celebration and visited the sites of their fallen buddies. In the past few years many “untold stories” and delayed recognition of heroism have been awarded. However this is only a thimbleful of what happened to bring the concept to life! The sheer number of ships, planes, equipment, supplies and greater than 150,000 man power; were gathered and to do this one event. The whole landscape of Normandy, France was forever changed. President Roosevelt announced on radio the invasion with a prayer. The results of the invasion were loss of life but also liberation of France and ultimately defeat of Hitler’s Germany and Imperial Japan’s tyranny. Now war is not something I seek but to not take a stand upon principles means that I deny the reasons this nation was founded by the Pilgrims and Puritans. Plus those who came/ brought here, then their children were born here, or just “adopted this nation as their homeland” did so with full choice and knowledge. I cannot escape the awe and respect that I have for my “forefathers”, they did things that were considered impossible. They took risks that I would still be shaking in my shoes. They did it with the Goal in focus, to do their DUTY and their part as much as they could. Real citizenship goes deeper than on holidays, to have off from work, to drink beer, barbecue and Friday night party. These folks made today possible. I stand up with my hat off and Salute those who are still alive and remember with reverence those who died on the battle field and those who came home but are not ‘gone on’. God Blessed America, with these folks at the time period when it was most needed.

Let’s Celebrate Mothering!

Mother’s day tends to be just for MOMS. That’s good!! Like flowers, many are sweet fragrances in their own colorful way. Many cards reflect upon the things and tasks MOMS have done through the years, like good cooking, caring for all scrapes to major illnesses, and household calendar organization.  Other Moms have had the added tasks of working two jobs, one in the home along with another outside the home. All taught us life lessons. Some even were our school teaches too! As young girls we tend to “day dream” about becoming a mom. We played with dolls and did many mothering tasks that we saw others, do to our dollies. So by the time we “become mothers” we have many notions and self-defined expectations of what mothering is to be “like”. Then combine this with the views of society that “expects” of us, we can be overly burdened with doubts as to HOW I can EVER BE a Good Mom?

Yes, Mothering is complex and not exclusively done by those who are MOMS. How many new/young MOMS were helped with babysitting done by a mature teen for a couple of hours? Just so we could just do a attention consuming task, such as laundry or clean house.  Plus how important was the phone advice; of the nurse at the doctor’s office? It was to determine if the child is ill enough, to be seen by a doctor or your home remedy is to be tired? Yes it’s hard in the initial years to get beyond the DOING and have a chance to just “enjoying” Being a MOM.

We may not all enter Motherhood the same way. Some enter it part time; via helping Mom with younger siblings, or act as mother’s helper to older sibling when have kids. MOST enter it Full time by birth. Some others by adoption, or via marriage with family ready-made. And today even more by mentor-ship or legally by Foster Care.

Each type has its own notion of what they can do to be a good mother. Few ever set out to do it poorly!! Perhaps many overdo, in an attempt to do it “the very best”.

There tends to be stages in mothering. New MOMS of infants tend to keep them very Sanitary Clean along with the environment around them. Most Graduated to another stage of the definition to clean, when 2 years have passed or the second child enters the picture. Just “plain clean” is fine. Moms of toddler kids tend to engage them in various activities or crafts, and do more outings. When they reach school age the school calendar takes priority with summer time camps or vacation bible schools. Moms of teens tend to seek more outside advice as how to manage the “growing pains”.  It’s in these years that tend to be the ones when the child’s perspective challenges the parent’s and staying on good terms has its ups and downs.

Ready-made Moms, by marriage or foster care; tend to try to do all things at once. In some ways, they have to quickly learn the unique things about the child and develop the relationship and be more patient with self and the child for the relationship to grow. The older the child the longer it will take. (It takes 3-7 years, is what one study on parenting reported.) So long suffering is what gets us through this stage.

Moms of adult children tend to struggle in how to be more participating in their adult child’s life. When they are single it can be a real challenge. Then by the time they “settle down” and the grand kids arrive; there tends to be a more “natural” exchange. At this time you can then “share” your stories of what you faced as a new parent in raising THEM!

Some MOMS (had) have physical health problems, some type of disability, (like blindness or deafness,) postpartum depression or another emotional condition, and these other factors which hindered them in doing the daily mothering tasks. Most of us (kids) are better people because of these challenges early in our life. We can understand the sacrifices that she did to do the best mothering she could. Still others, now as adults we have to set “Tough Love” borders, in our current relationships as warm fuzzes memories are not possible. So hang in there as long as you are both alive there can be a chance for improvement.

We all try to HONOR thy mother on Mother’s day!! Basic to many ways to honor her is in selecting a card. We compare whom the card is for,  to all the novel things that the cards reflect. We spend a few minutes for each person whom, we will send a card. Lately there are fewer sentiments for extended family. Plus there are even fewer for those who have had “mothering influences” in our lives. These folks will not be forgotten as we have to make them personalized cards. These women “filled in the cracks” where others didn’t. How we meet and connected to them varies,be it via youth clubs or church activities,like Sunday School or Bible Studies. They were the ear we could bend, the shoulder we could cry upon or gave us the words of encouraging or hope. They saw the diamond in the rough, within us in the rough and helped us see it too.

All_20100610171750_154 (2)    So tribute to whom tribute is DUE!  To all people who did mothering, Thanks for doing but More So for BEING part of our lives. I Honor you on this Mother’s day. May you have a chance to be with as many people you mothered this Day!

Election Year, Are you Better Off Now?

Often in life, comparisons as used to rank one’s accomplishments. There is a tenancy in an election year, to ask oneself, as compared to 2 or 4 years ago Am I better off? However in this election year, the needs to be a balance between what is happening on a national scale and how it impacts your personal daily life.

Some are having more difficult times due to local tragedy’s such as floods, storms or fires. These will still affect daily life and strain the family budget. In these situations Federal help may or may not be available. Locally the type of help will vary but often some church or National Origination; like Salvation Army is there helping each person must make the best of what is.

However more personal things cause a cascade effect on one’s budget. The biggest crisis is when unemployment ceases and still you are without a full time job that pays your historical wage. The old saying is best to put into effect; when “life gives you Lemons make lemonade”.

When circumstances are “bleak” it is best to establish personal goals with a time frame of 4 weeks to 3 months. Accomplishments can be gauged better. List each of the steps taken to improve your situation as short term goals. These then fit into the larger goal. So every time you make a “step in the direction” it can be counted as progress! Even if the larger goal is still not on the horizon, you can look back to what you HAVE accomplished.

For example: a few years ago; I had 2,500 in unexpected car repair as major parts broke. I was without a full time job and the part time income was small. I had to charge it ALL, as I was in between income checks. So I used the 6 months no interest promotion. I kept looking for a full time job; but I also stuck to the payoff plan. So I really paid the balance down, but still had 1,000 left to pay off. I then transferred the balance to a credit card that has a lower interest rate and gave me reward points. This was a win/ win, as money would have been spent on interest, was spent on principle; making paying off the debt quicker with the added incentive of points earned. So what did I accomplish?

  • I kept my monthly cash flow level between bills and daily expenses, keeping my emergency savings intact.
  • Kept looking for a full time job and had enough pay check cash on hand, to pay for the high gas prices to go to the interviews.
  • Once I got the job, I had enough cash in savings, to wait the few weeks till my first two “regular” pay checks began a consistent cash flow cycle.
  • I paid off a sizable portion of the car repair without depleting my emergency savings too soon.
  • I was able keep my emergency savings  in reserve, to use when it was really needed.

As the year progressed; I had all these small observable gains, to look back on. It helped each month, in the long waiting game of finding full time job. It made time period less bleak. The gains review decreased my stress and accomplished keeping me active with focus. So I did not ever ONCE get “stuck” nor depressed in the whole one year period.

So was I better off in that election year! Am I better off this election year? I do have my opinions about the current unemployment game that is played NOW in congress. Hopefully those who are in this situation have another way to not be dependent upon the DC Congressional power games.  You can make a workable plan with what’s available in your time and space so DC politics  will not greatly affect  your personal life.

So now anther election year is upon us, you can we make sure we are better off!


Drop in the bucket, equaled, Ransomed

Easter Lillies

Easter Lillies

I began a volunteer time, of 2 hours a week for 46-48 weeks out of the year. I took holidays, vacation off and also periods of illness. There were a few times that I came for help at home parties or other “events” like twice a year inventory for 3 hours more in a week. Now this past Jan the stats were in.

At times in the past 2.5 years I sometimes “felt”, I wished I could do more. However I was very faithful to the two hours I could fit into my busy schedule. I knew the cause was a very Good one and that it helped people in other parts of the world. So in a way it was a mission that had a global impact.

The organization is Women At Risk International; they are one of a group of organizations that are doing things to combat Human Trafficking. They help all forms and all people of this evil practice, from boys to old women. The largest thing they do is health care and community skill training to make a livable wage in the country where they live.  The web site is http://warinternational.org for in depth information.

Well I and over 110 others, created circles of protection and HOPE for people in over 30 different countries.  My little drop in the bucket turned out to be over 100 hours in just one year!!! I was one of 6 people who put in this in just one year!!

Here they are:

2.5 years/ 913 days;    At least 117 volunteer’s with a total of 4,288 hours!!

If a minim wage was assigned to the hours it would have equaled $38,592.  This number equates to 154 months or 13 YEARS for one person in a safe house!

My drop in the bucket really became the little that God turned into the collective MUCH!! Ransomed people! From women, girls, to boys and men, who are now no longer SEX / worker objects.

Have a Happy Easter enjoy what you have been ransomed from!